What really goes on before High School Graduation begins?

The traditional High School graduation ceremony takes place the second or third week of June.  Guidance counselors begin their work by preparing students for the next phase of their life. Meeting with every graduating senior to make sure they have the required classes to graduate, explore college options, preparation for work, and explaining the financial reality of their choices. This is no easy task and these gifted counselors feel responsible for getting each and every student to the stage.

First semester goes well with most students working hard to keep their grades up in an effort to have more choices of colleges. Other students take courses at their local community college to get a step up on the expectations of college coursework. There are always a few students that want to enlist in one of the branches of our military. Some students start looking for a full time job that they will pursue when they graduate. Lastly, there are always one or two students that do not graduate because they did not fulfill all requirements.

Once the acceptance letters start to roll in students get a little bit lazy. Keeping them on track is almost impossible. The last two months of school are filled with school plays, athletic, band, music, and scholar awards. Yearbook is given out to all students at the end of school.  And the most difficult is practicing the proper way of walking in and sitting down in unison.  

In the end, the parents and students are proud and happy. A milestone has been made and the future path has been determined. Please remember those hard working counselors who paved the way for student success.